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Chapter 2



As I took this final voyage on the London underground, I thought, “I am going to leave you my beloved underground tunnels! I spent more time with you than with those beings above ground who wanted to make me fall into the temptation of annulling myself. I will be back! The thoughts you inspired in me when I was travelling with you, my beloved underground tunnels! Do you know what my thoughts were?! You made me think about the apocalyptic prophecies that I had read years earlier in a book that compiled prophecies for us modern human beings.”

In a small space in my workplace they had permitted a non-profit organization, which aided people with physical limitations, to set up a stand to sell some books to us, the employees. The books, the seller and I were out of place in that workplace where the others fit so perfectly in their jobs, in that location, in the circumstances of their lives, in their routines…and so on.

The book seller was a person with physical limitations and seemed to be fragile of health. There were only a few books on display. The money that the organization had to buy and resell the books must have been scarce.

An A4 sized hardcover book with an array of colours which I didn’t care for caught my eye and made me approach it. Prophecies?! This interested me. I brought it home.

Your voice... sliding off the underground onto your walls…the underground has the same width as you, tunnels! It brushes against your walls! Doesn’t this bother you? How will I get out of here alive if for some reason the soil collapses on top of me. With so much cement and steel up there...even if the train does not get crushed and I can open the door, your walls will be in front of me! Oh tunnels!

I hear you talking to me...the sound from your walls...You ask me to tell you about the apocalyptic prophecies during this last trip to Victoria Station. If an earthquake were to lacerate your walls, will you, tunnels, promise to resist and create a cave that will protect me until help comes from above? You say yes, that we are friends!

My beloved coming from the sky...hunger...earthquakes...poisoned air...sterile and steamy land…we humans are in trouble, are we not? We are spoiled, ungrateful and dissatisfied...everything will be taken from us…Are we still in time to do something to convince Heaven to have pity on us?

Goodbye my beloved tunnels. Now I am in Portugal. Those who screwed me over also travel in your tunnels. They never spoke with you. Don’t be upset by this. Know that my day will come. I will be on stage in front of large audiences. I will travel once more in the underground just to see you my friendly tunnels - for many journeys.

I also have another special friend. She lives in Australia. I’m going to call her now. I had promised that one day I would tell her my life story. The day has come: today!

But, before I go I want to share something with you: Do you know how frightening you are, my underground tunnels? Do you know how deep you are dug in the earth's crust?

When I exited an underground station, for example at Camden Town, which belongs to the district with the same name where the singer Amy W. lived, (a district which is full of local musicians and alternative culture) I would follow the signs indicating the “EXIT” and I would have to go up curvy ramps, then stairs, then escalators which were also on a steep climb… When I was just shy of reaching the surface, I would look down and clearly see how far under the ground you tunnels can be.

The distance from the bottom to the surface is enormous! At the bottom, the temperature is hot...The amount of bottles of water that I used to drink down there during trips in your underground tunnels! The illusions and the hopes that I drink in my life full of tunnels waiting for an exit to the surface! The creativity these tunnels arouse! The feelings they arouse! I know that you tunnels are my friends. I know you are leading me to a place. I think that place is going to reveal itself to be fantastic!

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