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Chapter 3



This chapter is divided into three parts: part 1 “Videos”, part 2 “About me:” and part 3 “Fifty-five”.

Part1: What types of things do we do to show how much we like someone? Do we make videos? Do we write texts? What do we do?

In August of 2007, my rudimentary tape recorder malfunctioned and as I waited for it to return from repair, I was overcome with boredom. So, I got the idea to write seven song lyrics which I hoped would reach the British singer RW whom I liked and admired greatly.

I wrote the lyrics and then tried reaching RW but, to no avail. So, I decided to make an album: “Sisyphean” – made up of five songs which were inspired by those same seven song lyrics.

I also made seven videos with the lyrics which included personal comments.

Those videos were posted on in March of 2011. They are still there and are accompanied by the instrumental version of the “Sisyphean” album.  

The texts of the videos are in English. They were intended for the British singer RW and for you as well! They are presented in this chapter in the section entitled “Videos”, in which I refer to the number 54 as the total number of songs and not 55, for the song “Strong/Wrong” was written at a later date.

At times, here and there, I tried to make improvements on the original text.

Part 2: “About me,” is based on a long multi-paged text which I included in my official 2007 website with the aforementioned address, which remains active today.

In that section I provide a rough summary of my life and how I ended up in the music world. The respective translations in English and Spanish were also available on the 2007 website. These texts are no longer on the current website, but the English translation gave rise to 10 text-videos with the title, “About me: Ninfa Artemis”.

The text referred to on the 2007 website is also included here, but in a more synthetic format to avoid repetition with the content of other chapters of the book.

My official website address on the internet is .

The current website was fully designed and implemented by me!

That was a very happy day for me! Something that was totally made by me! I was able to do it all by myself!  I feel LOVE for my website!

Part 3: "Fifty-five", refers to the total number of songs I've made so far. I present an excerpt of the lyrics as well as comments and opinions on the theme that each of the songs explore. I didn’t bother trying to rhyme; what prevails is the sun which I throw to the soul of life in the form of a song.

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