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Chapter 3




You RW and the seven song lyrics that I, Ninfa Artemis, wrote for you...which never reached you...although I fought my hardest to get them to you.

“CAVE” is the title of one of these seven song lyrics. I present it to you.

These lyrics inspired the song "Cave" on my album "Sisyphean".

You are listening to the instrumental of that song.

The album "Sisyphean" has a total of five songs inspired by those seven lyrics.

I didn’t want to forget them... They never found you. You are inacessible.

Despite the expensive recording studio; despite having time restrictions to invest in music due to work; despite having to rely solely on myself as I always did everything mostly by myself: singing every song, writing every lyric (even though English is an obstacle for me as it is not my mother tongue), composing the melodies to all my songs, participating in the production of all the songs; despite the exhausting, daily 110 minute trip by car to and from the recording studio; despite investing time to rarefaction in the recording of a total of fifty-four songs: 13 songs in Spanish on the “Incienso” album, 13 songs in Portuguese on the “Incenso” album, the “Extreme” album with 14 songs, the “Incense” album with 8 songs, and the “Sisyphean” album with 5 songs and a single entitled “Destiny versus Holidays”. All this meant hard days with a lot of work, but all of these things were still easier than reaching you...I wasn’t able to do that!  

I wish you all the happiness in the world. One day, I will be on stage.

To all those who are reading these video-words, together we will go on!

In each video, before and sometimes after the presentation of each song’s lyrics, some comments will be made, just like on this video.

The song lyrics presented in this video as well as in videos 2 and 3 are tense, maybe even depressive. In the videos that follow those, the lyrics are more fun. For instance (video nº 4) entitled: “Feign Rape” is really humorous!

I think the melody to the last video (nº 7) is quite lovely.

Here are the lyrics to



I cannot escape by flying, I cannot understand by opening a book, I cannot forget even if I dedicate myself to many things, This sky is blazing, I lower the anchor, Say goodbye to me! I am lost, This seems endless…


Leave me alone, Leave me in my cave, Don’t ask me what’s wrong with me, Don´t try to comfort me, Today I am unable to live, I cannot get out of my brain, I can’t get out of this state of mind, Tomorrow, when I am better, Show me your love for me again, Help me!


Let me rest in my cave, I don´t care about anything, I don’t want to know if the sea floods the roads today, Please don’t try to cheer me up, Today spoken words sound so loud, I can’t keep your words in my cave, There is no breach in my cave, Nothing comes in, Nothing goes out, Please don’t need me now…


Thoughts, words and omissions are emotionally charged, I am emotionally uncharged, is it depression? I don’t know, It is a rough cave, Its dimensions are infinite, I cannot find the middle, You are not familiar with this hell, You are trying to protect my wounds with nothing more than a band aid, I am the only one who can save myself…


Please, don´t put any effort in trying to enter this cave, This cave can be portrayed, In several different ways, All of them unruly ways, Leave me alone, Go outside to the light, Where you will find illusions, That will coat your days in bright gold! (end of lyrics)

Thank you for reading although I would like to add that these lyrics are not autobiographical. I am not prone to profound sadness or depression despite knowing what sadness is.

The next video: song “Hallucinogenic Gene”!

Video 1

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The song lyrics of “Hallucinogenic Gene”, inspired the song “Hell” which is the instrumental you are listening to. This is one of the 7 song lyrics all written in August of 2007.

I tried to reach you RW. Here are my attempts: in November of 2007 I tried through your official website, but I don’t think that you manage it; in May of 2008 I sent an email to one of your lawyers whose email address was listed on the website of the firm he worked for, I requested that he forward the email I had sent which contained the 7 song lyrics, did he forward these to you?; in May of 2009 I sent the same lyrics to a British journalist friend of yours, did he forward these to you? - you both attended a conference about aliens in the US.

Do you know why you will never find alien life forms?

Because they do not want to be found! Think about this a little bit...Why do you think that angels walk beside us completely invisible to our eyes?

The human race would probably pluck their feathers as keepsakes!

Before sending the lyrics to your journalist friend in May of 2009, in February I had already sent some bottles of Port wine accompanied by a small presentation of myself to the US and the UK.

I went looking for you…three bottles to the US!

I sent one to a tattoo parlor in Los Angeles. I had read that that was where you had your tattoos done. Another bottle I sent to the owners of a golf club in Los Angeles. I had read somewhere that you liked to play golf there. The third bottle I sent to the following address: RW (singer), Los Angeles, US.

The bottle got there! At least it arrived at the post office. It was returned to me, the package was completely damaged. The box had been opened at the post office.

Of course I had to try the UK, your native country! I sent 2 bottles of Port wine to England!

One I sent to a bar. I had read that your parents had owned the bar (which still exists today) in the past. The other bottle I sent to a house you had recently bought, or so I read on an internet site.

Where are you famous people when we need somebody famous?

Summer of 2010: your wedding! I casually come across your complete home address in the US! A lot of journalists!

One of them filmed your guests arriving at your home and although not easy to decipher, I was able to make out the street name of your home address!

I considered sending you a CD with the recordings of the songs from the “Sisyphean” album and the 7 lyrics that they were inspired on.

I didn’t send you anything.

The saying goes: “Where there is a will, there is a way.” But, I was tired of trying to reach you. Sorry. I’m really very tired. This predictable world tires me. There is no room for fantasy!!

Here are the lyrics to



My life is in chaos, I smile, I´m a stiff guy, I say that everything is fine with me, I say that I can make anything happen the way I want in my life, But I still don’t know when, I will make you appear in my life, There is a love gene in my blood, It makes me pursue an image, Yours, This gene is hallucinogenic, Are you real?


I look up at the sky, I look down at the city lights, I always liked them, But I desire a major lightning storm, To blackout all the lights in the city, I need a completely dark night, To clearly see the stars, I need to renew my hope, I’ve been searching for you for so long, If the stars had magical powers, I would order them to find you, And bring you to me


I worry about giving up on, Finding you one day, Maybe I will find you today, I go out, But my romantic relationships are weak, Love is not a science, That I can study and predict, Love is not a rocket, Whose trajectory I can study, Love’s trajectory is unknown, But I know myself, I will find you, I always get what I want, I want you


Just like for others, For me love means passion, It means friendship and respect for one another, I hope you like my flaws, I hope I like your flaws, I don’t want us to be like those couples, Whose passion died of boredom a long time ago, Birds fly, Airplanes fly, People also fly in an alien philosophy, They are not conscious of one another, The fear of being alone, Is what unites them, I don’t know when, I will be able to make you appear in my life, There is a love gene in my blood, It makes me pursue an image, Yours, This gene is hallucinogenic, Are you real?


My love, when will I find you? I walk over a drawbridge, I waste so much time looking for a radiant sky, That I don’t see that the bridge beneath my feet is sinking, My life is a circle, I am always going out to try and find new people, I want us to be together forever, Loving one another forever, My life is in chaos,  I smile, I´m a stiff guy, I say that everything is fine with me, I say that I can make anything happen, The way I want, In my life (end of lyrics)

Video 2

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"Nihilism" song lyrics by Ninfa Artemis. These lyrics also inspired the songs “Hell” and “Times”.

Is music my passion?

Music makes me feel good! It has made me feel good since I can remember…You are listening to the instrumental of the song “Hell” from the Sisyphean album.

Music…music… So much money that I owe to the recording studio! Is music my passion? Music makes me feel I just said.

Am I looking for a record label?

I travelled far to find freedom! I am a label!

Why did I ponder writing 7 song lyrics for RW?

In early August 2007, I was in the process of recording the final songs of my album “Extreme” at the recording studio. At home, the equipment I used to record my rehearsals broke down. From one moment to the next, it just stopped recording!

My equipment was very basic. It was a typical stereo with a CD player, a double cassette deck with a microphone entrance to record vocals.

I had no band, so I couldn’t rehearse with a band.

Musical execution and arrangements were done by one sole musician at the studio. The same musician played piano (synthesizer), guitar etc. At home I would play the instrumental on my stereo and record my voice over it. Then, I would listen to my recording, see where I had problems, repeat and record…endless amounts of times. These were my rehearsals with the band.

The melodies to all these songs are mine.

I created the melodies using only my voice as I don’t play any instrument. Then, in the recording studio my voice was placed in the correct rhythm and a temporary instrumental would be added over it.

I would rehearse with this temporary version of a song.

In the beginning, rehearsal was difficult because it was hard to follow the rhythms and chords imposed by the instrumental. I couldn’t hit all the notes and sometimes I would get lost in the rhythm.

It was a hard and strange language for me. I had never sung before, not even in karaoke and so, you can imagine how chaotic singing over an instrumental was for me…

To sum up: How do I create a song?

I sing into a microphone connected to the aforementioned stereo, record my voice – with no piano, drums or guitar accompanying me. Other than my voice, there is only silence. Then, I go the music studio, hand in my recording and the musician proceeds to make technical corrections and adds some instruments which he plays.

This is how I would obtain the instrumental version of a song. (My fictitious band.Sounds easy, right? But, it’s not.

My circumstances were (and are) peculiar. My teenage years have long past, which makes learning something completely new somewhat difficult.

Most musicians, even singers, begin their learning process between 5 and 7 years of age. I have no experience or musical training or even musical orientation, having had to learn everything quickly and without any help if I wanted to create songs in the recording sessions.

But I never considered it to be an impossible task for me...nothing was impossible!

I felt that I could learn alone and teach myself.  

Meanwhile, I was getting fed up with waiting for my home stereo to be repaired. After 15 tedious days of waiting, I had a strong intuition, or better yet, a crazy idea that came out of nowhere: “Why not write some song lyrics in English for the pop singer RW?!

The feeling was really strong! I’ve had intuitions my entire life. They have all been true, but now I’m starting to doubt them. May intuition pardon me, but these doubts are simply fears…

Writing the lyrics was a strong intuition and I didn’t even consider the possibility of not reaching RW. Here I go...with the lyrics to



Don’t leave me here! Where ten thousand infernal winds blow, They violently try, To rip my heart out of my chest! Where are you? Nihilism and hell are after me! Don’t leave me here!


Inside I bleed too much, My pores sweat blood, Out there organized schemes, To achieve happiness, Those schemes don´t fit me anymore, Or never did fit me, It’s almost dawn, I have just fallen asleep, I am awake again, It’s hard to sleep or eat, At this hour, or any hour, Of the day, or night, My head…feels like I banged it against a steel wall, It hurts and I don’t believe anything!


I don’t know what time it is, My watch is somewhere lying on the floor, The last time I saw the time, I threw it against the wall, The lights are off, It is dark in here, I don’t know, If I´ve got insomnia, Or if it’s just nihilism, That´s overtaking my mood, My sleep, My life, Everything seems overthrown, I don’t believe in anything


Love is overthrown, I hide these blues of mine, Saying I´m depressed, The doctors prescribe happy pills, If I had said that I felt unhappy, I would not have gotten access to these pills, I don’t fit into organized schemes, To achieve happiness, I tax my strength, In finding my own way, I overtax my life with other people’s demands, I must please their demands, When they change, They think I have to change too! My life is screwed and overtaxed! I don’t believe in anything


Nihilism has fleas, They´re causing a plague, They have a delivery service, Door to door, To each corner of my life something was delivered, It cannot be distorted, twisted or stretched, It cannot transform nihilism into something positive, My chances of achieving something worthy are running out, There´s no way out, There is a wall in front of me, I can try to use my body as a hammer to knock it down, It would hurt less than this pain, Maybe I still believe in something… (end of lyrics)

A note about the lyrics which you have just read and about the pills: I would like to say that I avoid, whenever possible, taking any kind of medication. I believe in natural medicine and would also like to add that I sleep well. Additionally, when I have dinner, I sleep even better... It’s a good idea to have a proper diet...

Thank you for sticking with me ♥

The following video contains the lyrics to the song "Feign Rape".

Video 3

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"Feign Rape" by Ninfa Artemis. The song “Times” from the Sisyphean album was inspired by the lyrics of "Feign Rape".

My tendency as a singer is more towards rock, trusting the words of the studio musician…You are now listening to the instrumental of the song “Times”, which is of a blues genre. I don’t know why I didn’t sing all my songs in the rock genre. I also love other genres of music, but my way of being in the world is more…rock! What does this mean? Energy!

I need a band! If I want to perform live, I’m going to need a band, as I haven’t got one yet…I believe that it’s probably not easy to find one.

Aside from this I have a job which limits my freedom, but my job is what sustains me and pays for all my expenses including the number of hours invested in the development and completion of songs in the music studio. I pay for this music studio in monthly installments to pay off my debt and so it will be for the upcoming years.

I would never be able to pay the huge bill for studio use and recording in one lump sum. Maybe one day my music can help me and support me financially. At the moment it is my day job which pays for these costs and allows me to give life to my songs.

No one outside the music world can imagine the amount of money spent in recording studios! Those who don’t know and would like to have an idea should try to record a cd in a music studio. Then, pay for mastering...Then, pay for the song to be available in digital stores. Then try to reach the people, fans, radio stations, do live shows… It’s a job which never ends!  

At the moment I have recorded 54 songs divided into five albums and one single. My single “Destiny versus Holidays” will be my last song. I say this with immense sadness. I had to convince the musician from the music studio who works with me (who is also the owner of the studio) to accept this as the last song because my debt is so high - besides the fact that he’s constantly working on projects with other artists and has a huge lack of free time.

He agreed, not only because he is a friend, but also because he knows that I have dreams and that I work arduously to reach them and because he trusts me and knows that I will be able to pay my debt to him.

I’m going to try to find my band of fantastic musicians in London.

I’m Portuguese and living in Portugal so, it’s not going to be easy...

For concerts and rehearsals I will get on a plane on Fridays at the end of the afternoon and return to Portugal on Sunday nights. I will have short holidays around Christmas, Carnival, Easter and in August. Other than that, I work five days a week.  

With so many bills to pay on a monthly basis, there is no way for me to leave my job. After I start performing, I will see what can come out of my concerts and what future decisions may be made... 

I’ve already done the math: If I fly to London on a weekly basis and with no other unexpected expenses...I can do what I intend: go to London!

Housing in London will be difficult to sustain economically...This is a problem whose solution must come in the future. Right now, I’m not going to worry too much about step at a time. First, I must find a band that will accept me as their lead singer and whom I feel comfortable working with.

Finding this band will not be easy. It will be difficult, but destiny is my friend. Destiny is more famous and easier to reach than some famous people here on Earth!

Here are the lyrics to



Do you want me to make love to you, Or do you want to rape me? A feigned rape! I want you! Do you want to do it on the floor? In a Porsche? In the shower? What is your favorite position? Am I talking about intellectual positions? Of course not! How many times do you want to do it?


Reach for my body baby, Come here honey, Observe the flamingos, See how they fly happily across the sky! Guess how many great songs will be created throughout the world today! Desires expressed in words, The fire of passion, Strains Cupid’s desires – the god of love, Look! His arrows of love are curling up! From hurriedly trying to find soul mates! My love, all these things are happening right now! And right now I am waiting, For an answer from you…


Come close to me, I want to hold you tightly against me, Don’t throw me down, For I am waiting for you, I am already naked, Look at how wicked the world can be, People use words, As if they were war machines, I am a saint, I use words of love, I give you strength, I make you feel secure, Besides being a good listener, a good friend, and a fantastic lover, Come close to me…


Let’s burn all those sermons about sin, Let’s go straight to the root of love, My love will bring you, Devilish good luck, And a lethal dose of crazy days  in these unchanging days, Making love to me could be an extra-sensory experience, Come close to me …


You want me to fall asleep, So you can attack me with love while I sleep?! Are you mad? What do you want me to do now? Make love to myself?! Stop dancing naked all around the bed! Come close to my body right now!!!! (end of lyrics)

Yes...I believe in true love! I believe that one day I am going to be a happy woman and live a great and true love! ♥

The next video … my fifth lyrics … one of the seven lyrics that I sent you …

Video 4

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This video contains the lyrics to "Warm Underwater Lakes" by Ninfa Artemis. You are listening to the instrumental of the song Moonlight from the Sisyphean album. As you may already know by now, the song was inspired by one of the seven lyrics which I sent to the British singer RW that never reached him.

It seems that first I need to be famous… If I lived in a location which had undergone a big catastrophe, the famous would appear. The famous always show up after great catastrophes. Catastrophes don’t go looking for the famous; it is the famous who go looking for catastrophes!

Yes...the famous are in fact very nice people. Are they doctors? No. Engineers? No. Are they going to stay at the location of the catastrophe to do some type of job? In the majority of the cases, the answer is no. But the famous appear.

RW understands music. Did he show up to receive the lyrics I sent him? No! This world is illogical!

We, the anonymous, are insensitive people. Are we? Or do the famous think that we, the anonymous, are not sufficiently sensitive? Are anonymous people insensitive? No! What exists are anonymous people who are ignorant people! To these people I say: go to a music studio, record a song and tell me after this experience if you feel like a god! Imagine now that your song is a great worldwide success, with millions of fans who want to follow you everywhere, to such a point that it is uncomfortable to be anywhere… add to this the microscopic assiduous attention provided by the media… What will you think about this harassment of anonymous people? You might think: These people are crazy! Insensitive!

Do I need RW? It was a crazy idea...I think. I thought that I’d be able to sell him the seven lyrics and that then I would have enough money to leave my job for a while and be able to try out the music world…

Below the lyrics to



Baby close your eyes, as if we were swimming in large, warm underwater lakes, So different, So unreal, So special, So magical…


My sweet thing, I have to share, I have to share my feelings with you, When we are in the shower together, We stay there for over an hour, Like a little while ago, While I soaped up your body, Drops of water fell all over us, You half closed your eyes, I held you, You smiled, As if smiling, Over a beautiful dream


You know, I always wanted to be, A successful guy, But I get stressed by love, I never waited around for luck, I make things happen, I live for the lightning, frightening and dizzying speed, But love is an obstacle with claws, I tried to pull myself up, But the claws of love pulled me down!


My love, Do you know that the arguments for the existence of Love, Resemble the arguments for God's existence? It is something so perfect, That its non-existence is inconceivable, Because of you I believe in love (end of lyrics).

Famous people around the world, I hope for you the same thing that I hope for myself: Happiness!  ☺♥  

Video 5

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Lyrics to “Love Poem” by Ninfa Artemis.

The song “Moonlight” was inspired by this, the sixth of the seven lyrics. You are listening to its instrumental.

Will I be truly happy one day? I asked a work colleague.

I didn’t ask him at our place of work. I asked him in a private office in another city where in his free time he gives tarot readings to foretell the future!

The autobiographic video "About me: Ninfa Artemis", which is divided into ten parts (videos), describes my first contact with fortune tellers.

It was at the end of 1998 in S. Paulo (Brazil). The fortune teller told me, “You are going to be very famous one day”. (I thought, “Me, famous? I don’t see how! All I’ve got is my crummy job!”

Months later, after this reading, unpleasant things happened. On the phone the fortune teller would later tell me that I had misunderstood, “You are going to be very happy beside a man but the man is not that singer…”

And many repeated confusing relationships with that singer caused me to begin writing song lyrics fifteen months later.

I wrote my first lyrics in February of 2000. It was a lovely, sunny, Saturday morning, although it was winter. The song was a Portuguese one called “Aha, sim gato” that has an English version entitled “Aha, yes Tiger?” in the Incense album of 2010.

My decision to engage in the composition of the melody of my songs was also an outcome of a meeting with another fortune teller.

I met this one at an esoteric fair. There were several fortune tellers present, but my intuition told me to approach this particular one.

I told him that I had written several song lyrics in Portuguese and asked him if he could see any possible “future” for them in his tarot cards. I told him a little about my personal life, that I was feeling completely lost.

Everyone that I knew was married, had children and I was alone and the only thing I had were these lyrics that I had written. It was July 2001.

He said, “Why don’t you write the melodies to your songs?” I looked at him in awe and said, “But I don’t know anything about music! I don’t even play an instrument! I’m not even a singer...I’ve never even sung karaoke!”

He spoke to me serenely to calm me down and said, “You can do it. There are some things about yourself that you are not conscious of yet. I can also tell you that you will meet a man in the summer of 2003 that will be very important in your life!”. “My future husband?” I asked. “No. You will come to know who he is...” he said.

And exactly on July 31st 2003, I was introduced to the person whom I would be recording and developing all my musical projects with. It was the musician from the studio! He is Brazilian, married to a Portuguese woman and has been living in Portugal for many years.

The fortuneteller spoke Portuguese, but with a strong British accent. At the end of our session he told me that he was British but that he was living in the Algarve (in Portugal) and that he was also a musician.

Since this reading, 10 years have passed. Soon, I will leave the music studio.

My musical projects will be completed, my friends’ children will be grown up and about ready to start college…and me? Even more lost than in 2001! I have made many songs. That’s all. All the rest stopped in time.

I’m tired, exhausted and without any possible escapes. I have nothing left.

“Destiny Versus Holidays" is my last song. In the chorus I sing; “Destiny! You owe me some happiness, at least pay me some good holidays!” and somewhere in the middle of the song I say, “Nothing that I do is right, A bad amulet is my life…”

Will I be truly happy one day? My tarot friend said, “Happiness is inside your mind!” That’s the reason why in the song “Destiny Versus Holidays" I sing: “Does happiness live only in my mind? Destiny, fool my head with happiness!”

Here are the lyrics to



A haunted castle is the heart, If poetry comes from the heart, It comes from a haunted raid, You are my beloved mermaid, In my ocean castle, When you sing, The nagging ghosts become dancers, Or strippers, It all depends on your mood


I write this love poem for you, Love poems provide clues, Stories they tell, Hell heard me swear, Like never before, I swore about not having peace of mind, Until I found a great love, Above all those were days of suppression, And fury I sent obsessively, Through a prison of hopes, That solitarily increased and could not be set free…


Love poems have ghosts, This can be seen, When you are most vulnerable, You heart is afraid again, Maybe the falseness hasn’t faded, Maybe love has stayed simply to harm, Life in its eternal movement, Maybe it has brought skeletons in movement, They move towards you, To tear away your devotion to love…


By love’s standards, The world has a hard and rarefied atmosphere, Where you live badly, But we have an easy life, When we are apart, We immediately feel terribly alone, We place our mutual trust in each other, Lust is also there, Between us, After a fight, I can predict a spark connection, And sometimes…an erection (end of lyrics)

Video 6

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"Sisyphean World" – lyrics by Ninfa Artemis. This is the last of the seven lyrics for the British singer RW and it inspired the song “Sisyphean” in my album with the same title. You are listening to the instrumental of that song.

In early December 2009, I was lying in bed...thinking: Where did that stupid idea come from? Seven song lyrics to RW?!... Days spent writing those songs, for what?! Why couldn’t I see that I was not going to reach him?!        

My thoughts reacted to that thought and told me: “Do something to these 7 lyrics!” I really like the lyrics to “Sisyphean World”.

Making songs is not a free process. As I have already mentioned: the process needs time to be executed and rehearsals on my part, besides that I didn’t know if the musician from the studio would be willing to accept making one more song: “Sisyphean” – would be its name. My debt to the music studio was already very high! But, my thoughts would not cease! “Make the songs!!”

My producer said yes...with little enthusiasm...

“You want to record one more song? One, right? That’s the number?” asked the studio musician in January of 2010 not very convinced that this was the final number.

“Yes!” I said. “Could you please just accept two new songs? Please...” I asked him two weeks later. (I was referring to the tracks “Times” and “Hell”).

“I knew it!! Another one?! More songs?! So, you’re saying two more songs?! You’re sure it’s only two more?!” he repeats, making sure to remind me of the innumerous hours already invested in the studio.

Twenty days after this conversation, we had another...

“Two more songs...Moonlight and Sky…please. Can you do it? The album is going to be called Sisyphean! It will have a total of five songs! I swear that this is the final number! Please...” I asked him earnestly. He almost screamed, “Insanity!!!”

“You don’t want to leave the studio, do you?! You want to stay here forever, right?!” asked the musician.

“If I had a lot of money…I would make a lot more songs!” I said.

“Have you done the math and figured out how many years you’re going to need to pay off everything you owe me? You have to start thinking about doing some live shows!... Make money with your songs! Profit on the investment you made in music,” he said.

To date (January 2011) I have never performed live and I have never received any money for my music, but music has filled me with happiness…

It also saddens me to know that I will have to leave the music studio. In December of 2010 I came up with the lyrics to the final song. This would be my last goodbye to the music studio. “Destiny Versus Holidays" is the final song… My final days in the music studio... The musician accepted this last song, but it was not easy to convince him. For a moment I feared he would not accept it because there was an enormous silence before finally saying that he would help me with another song creation of mine.

Here are the lyrics to



Do you know the legend of King Sisyphus? After his death he was condemned to roll a huge rock to the top of a mountain and right before reaching the top, the rock would always slip from his hands forcing CHORUS 

Dragons are mythical beings, They do not exist, On their wings it will not be written, that Nature will be tamed! Sisyphean World, Why do you ruin everything? On the brink of a great evolution! On the brink of a great destruction!


Humans have a winning goal, That put them in a hole, They don´t stop digging it! Humans are so proud of their race! The only race with the ability to smile, they say! Humans smile while they butcher, Above and below the blue sky, All natural resources, Nature’s wounds became a showroom, Of human stupidity, Rocks are roaring warnings…


Developing ways to be gentle with nature, Is understood by humans ill nature, As if they were parrots, They have merits, They repeat the words from advertisements, “Save nature! Save nature!”, But in different latitudes, They conserve the same attitudes! Humans are the vagabonds of a madhouse, Bonded by their madness, They run from one corner to the other, In this crossing falling into the holes they dug, Storms will never have riders, Nature will never be tamed! Rocks are roaring warnings…


To speed up new mechanisms, While everyone has a drink, New devices are taken, Subatomic particles are awakened, In the wild sea, Ship´s sirens moan in pain, Abundant marine life is no longer seen, Faded flowers will surround us, Happiness will leave us soon, Nature´s guardian angels, Weep long complaints to God, Love of the planet Earth, Is thousands of miles away, Just like other kinds of love, Love is in swift decline, Rocks are roaring warnings…


Wasteful and ridiculous excesses, Will be paid with meticulous, Human despair, Nature has an murderous hate, That no longer wishes to hide, Stern underworld judges, Will be called, Rocks are roaring warnings…(end of lyrics)  

Video 7

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♥   Thanks to all of you. We’ll see each other one day at a concert of mine    ♥

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