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Chapter 4

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Did you like reading this chapter “P comma, P period, 8-8-1998”?

The following chapter (chapter 5), the final chapter of the book, is a compilation of poems and mini-poems which may have eventually been the key ideas for the melodies of my songs. They were written in 2000.


Now that the book “I, Ninfa Artemis” is almost ending, what did writing this book mean to me?

For me, writing this book meant being able to bring paradise to the desert. Sharing my life with you provided some comfort to my soul. It’s a way of me saying: “Remember me because I exist. A hug to all of you.”

The “singer” that was mentioned throughout this chapter was the “portal” that the Brazilian fortune teller mentioned. I realize this today. In other words, the way in which I reacted to the situation was my “door” to another world: that of writing and music. I needed a new life and he, without knowing it, gave it to me through the fiction that I created in my mind.   

The “singer” fulfilled his destiny in my life just as the musicians that I met in London and mentioned in chapter 2 did.

After they all completed their mission in my life which led to the decisions I made, I want to thank them all again for being a part of my life. They made a strong impression on it. My big thanks to all of them.



 I  wish the “singer”, the London musicians and all the musicians and singers in this world many more years of doing what they love: making music! And to those of you who are reading me:




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