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Chapter 4

Book P, P. 8-8-1998


P is the first letter of my baptismal name.

This is my story with a singer and musician.

Portugal is a beautiful country, pleasant. In terms of music, on a very small scale – and especially in regards to the number of CD sales or of concerts and therefore, of fame. For this reason it cannot be said that he, or any other Portuguese rock artist was at any point “famous.”

He had an artistic awareness. Music was (and I presume still is) his passion. He released some albums and disappeared. He is somewhere on national ground (or overseas) producing music independently for new bands, record labels in his (or another) music studio.

He gave me some attention. This was important to me. My sincere thank you to him.

A great part of this chapter of the book P comma, P period. 8-8-1998 was completed in December of 2001. When I finished the book I thought that by 2009 I would already be famous. It’s funny…I know. But I had done the math and thought, “It’s December 2001. If everything goes as planned 8 years is surely more than enough time for something to happen to make me famous...8 years is a very, very long time! When I’m famous he’ll finally want to work with me but when this happens the tables will turn and I will be too important to work with him; it will be my turn to ignore him just like he ignored me!!”

I was sure that I would be famous…very famous! As a result, I thought about writing, so that on the first page of the book P comma, P period. 8-8-1998, which would be edited, I thought, at the height of my famed career (around 2009), I could print the poem presented below. In the book I would show and talk about all of my adversities and how I confronted them, all my expectations and how I worked hard to reach them, revealing the magical world I dreamed about and which music would bring me. Through this book the world would know the life of Ninfa Artemis, famous like the singer he never was! And I would say: “Goodbye solitude! Hello fantastic world!”

Poem: "Unknown Chapter 2002-2009, A chapter, Is the division of a topic in a book, When I read a book, I still hadn’t understood, The beginning, At the end of the book, I already reached, The end of the story, I already knew, I couldn’t resist! I could start at the beginning of the story, Only when I started first at the end of it, It’s end is known to me , I started my beginning, Come with me..." (Ninfa Artemis)

In truth, when reading any book (romance, thriller or other) I have the habit of going right to the end to see how the story ends or how everything is wrapped up. In this way I pay more attention to the introduction and how the subject matter develops from the first pages of the book to the last.

Did you read chapter 2? After such a long journey, fighting for so much, so much pain, so many adventures, fortune tellers, trips to London and dreams…behold, I still keep hope alive!

Come with me! Here is: THE BOOK “P comma, P period. 8-8-1998”

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