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Chapter 4



When I was born, my father called me Bela (Beauty), short for Florbela (Beautiful Flower). My baptismal godmother insisted on another name. My mother would have preferred to have delivered a boy.

I was born. “A beautiful boy with a big thingy. What a man!” – thought my dad according to what he told me in adulthood.

It was my umbilical cord, freshly cut. It had gotten stuck between my legs when they picked me up to show me to my dad who was some distance away. I was born at home.

My mother was working in the vineyards when she began feeling labor pains. It was about 10 a.m. at the end of the month of September.

Lying in bed, full of labor pains, my mother screamed and yelled at my father to go get her mother who lived about 30 kilometers from their house.

My maternal grandmother was my midwife. She had given birth to my mother at 19 years old.

In a bit I’ll be in 2002! One day my life will change!

A Brazilian fortune teller predicted something that had never occurred to me but that I enjoyed hearing. This is how it all started.

My life would be Beautiful! But what would I do to make myself famous? She answered, “When your time comes, you will know. We all know our destiny before we are born! Keep calm. When you are lost, disoriented; listen to and follow your heart because God will be speaking through it! He will speak in a language that you will understand. Pay attention and try to comprehend Him. Many people complain about a lot of things in their lives. They do not understand that the bad things are telling them something and that the bad things that are happening in their lives are showing them the correct path towards good change. Good things exist, but sometimes the bad things are better than the “good”, for they bring spectacular changes even though only after the passing of time can you understand what at first seemed confusing and painful. Many times the bad things are good things hidden in the form of bad luck. Everything is communication towards the betterment of oneself. Everything has a reason for being. Be confident. Simply be yourself. Everyone will like you. Don’t be scared. You will like them too, the mountains of people.”

I wrote him, the singer and musician, for a period of almost 18 consecutive months. He answered. We got to meet personally.

The story of “P comma, P period. 8.8.1998” existed. This “romance” existed. I was there. P is the first name on my identity card and 8-8-1998 is the date of the first email that I sent to the singer and musician.

He inspired me. The texts that I wrote him are proof of that.

I never felt a vocation for writing until my passion for him awoke it in me. The texts are proof of this. Even the insults, which would come later on, would be different, even poetic, although every now and then a word like f**k would appear. In the insulting texts I wrote him, I didn’t use asterisks to disguise curse words, I’m simply using them now because this is still the introduction. In the beginning I am always timid and later…maybe audacious!

I started writing to him on August 8th 1998. On January 2nd 2000, a short (but for me tough) telephone conversation with him led me to believe (in that same month) that I should pursue a singing career. I think it was the rebellion inside me.

In February of 2000 I convinced myself that I could write lyrics (poems) for songs.

The lyrics are already written. To date I have sent them to only one record label: the record label that represents him. Currently, it is the largest record label in the country with international branches, in other words a multinational record label.

Our telephone conversation made me suffer. When I suffer the warrior in me awakes. If one day you, stranger, are reading this book it is because I was able, against all odds, to get to you after having overcome many obstacles. You will know more about what I was able to achieve than I do now.

There is a Force near me which all those who have been in despair have felt and so, we who are desperate, despite the adversities, are able to find our way. We blew away the desert sand that covered our path and now we see it in front of us: Visible! Our path!

The last fortune teller that I consulted in July of 2001 told me that I would be a composer. I liked what I heard. He was the reason I became a composer. He said that I would have the ability.

He also said that I would begin, although I could not see how, a political and social revolution (This can only be nonsense)…

One day when someone tries to weaken you, I want you to be strong. This book “P comma, P period. 8-8-1998” exists because I want my crazy ideas to be known. Correction: My ideas are not crazy. They are simply the belief that what is not beautiful today, will one day be fantastic!

He has never been “famous”, he was merely well known and had some concerts overseas.

If one day I reach fame, I will deal with it like a cored fruit, which I cannot swallow. I never ate the core of any fruit for I wouldn’t be able to digest it. I am only interested in the good part of fame: friendly people, nice people, traveling, seeing the world and having money to carry out projects. But it is also probable that I would make mistakes if I were ever famous. You can say, “Go to hell” if I make too many mistakes but not scream “GO TO HELL!”, for that would be too violent for me. We are all the same. We all need to be loved and in this way feel: “important.”

I hope that all your best dreams come true because...dreams always come true, regardless of the confusion of obstacles that you are faced with.

I warn you that my story, and I, would be much more credible if we had been invented for a film.


To all of you a warm hug, Ninfa Artemis

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