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Chapter 4

P5Forgeting and Restarting


Date:Wednesday, 24 November 1999   11:17pm, Subject: “ All sexy!”’re looking all sexy! Where are you going looking so hot?

On Saturday, I might have news for you: a tattoo of a small dragon.

A great day for me because I deserve it!



Cell phone (SMS),  Thursday,   25 November 1999     01:02am

After midnight, vampire kisses, Ninfa Flor (in English Nymph Flower)



Date:   Thursday, 25 November 1999   02:08am,  Subject: “Your SMS“


Thanks for you warm, sweet kisses.

You possess me... Hard and infinite.



Date:   Thursday, 25 November 1999   11:48pm,  Subject: “The King and the Commoner Part 1”

(A story...from medieval times...)

- Good day, my King, may I awake thou? (a bow)  What do you desire for breakfast? (another bow) With your permission, this commoner would like to tell Your Highness that there is nothing to fear today: your lucky stars continue to shine bright!

- You, commoner, either let me sleep or come lay with me to share some of my shine…

- My King, wouldst thou like me to arrange for the preparation of a Royal bath? (another bow)

- Are you still here? Very well, but today it will be you who scrubs my back.

- My King, as thou wishest. I wish thou a great day full of delightful places to visit.

- One day I will show you the most delightful place… You will scrub my back and you will be inside the bathtub with me whether you want to or not! You may keep your garments on! You will obey me because I don’t feel like dealing with your delicious counter-arguments which only serve to provoke me even more...



Date:   Friday, 26 November 1999   11:43pm, Subject: “The King and the Commoner Part 2“

- My King, why dost thou wander through the castle at this hour of the night? What is so worrying that thou dost not notice how cold the night is? I will request the lighting of the fireplace. It shall distract thou from thy thoughts as thou observeth the flames of the fire.

- And you, why do you follow me? Did I call you to come and console me by any chance?

- My King, is it the battles that worry thou?  Dost thou no longer rejoice in the victories although dost thou not wish to know of defeats? Dost thou find everything to be vile and in vain?

- I repeat: By any chance did I call you to console me? You, commoner, do not behave as if you were my queen!

- My sire, I see that thou dost not reveal thy fears or weaknesses to anyone. I feel thou dost feel that those whom know your fears remind you of them while thou dost desire to forget them… My King, thou dost simply want the same thing as us commoners do, moments of true and lasting happiness. This is where we gain the strength to confront the more difficult days… be they in the past or still to come.

- Commoner, what do you want from me?

- My sire, today thy spirit is scathing. I have just been advised that the fireplace is ready. Sleep well, your Highness.

- I need to expel this sadness... you will share my bed this evening.

- My King!

- If I really wanted this, you would sleep with me and not protest. You do not even console me in my sadness. Go commoner! Leave me to be consoled by the kisses and fondlings of others. You lie when you call me your King.

- But, my sire...

- Leave me for today and say no more!

- Your Majesty! Thou knoweth how much I adore and admire your Highness. My sire, it hurts me to see thou like this…

- The night is thick. Follow me and do not ask any questions.

- Where are you taking me, sire?

- While we walk in these corridors to the door, tell me: what do you think my life is like?

- My sire, as our pastor says: the burdens men have to carry are never more than they are able to support.

- Commoner, the corridors are long. Speak, you have time.

- My King, thy life dost bring concern and zeal and it will always be difficult to evaluate whether these are exaggerated or not. It requires thou to have a keen mind in various areas from love, to the philosophy of life to adopt, to the economy of the kingdom and other fields which are beyond me. Thy mind chooses the right moments to act on ventures and has a great capacity for leadership even when thy confidence is lacking, something which must not be let on.

- Do I still have pleasures, joys?

- My sire, having riches brings contentment, as does having friends… feeling that thou is loved by thy subjects is another reason for joy… But, remember that mortals make their requests to gods while gods make their requests to mortals, where is that which both of them are looking for?

- Tonight, I’m going take you out to the woods, pick you up and take you for a ride on my horse. Neither the sun, nor the moon, nor the starry sky will exist… It will simply be us.




Date: Saturday, 27 November 1999   11:02pm,  Subject: “The King and the Commoner Part 3“

- My King, I want to congratulate thou on thy hunt.

- Commoner, I don’t know if it was very fruitful… Do you like me less?

- My lord, if thou still dost not know me, I shall be offended.

- If I were to call you my love, what would you say?

- My Victorious Sovereign, thou dost know that thou shall have a great power over me if thou use such proclamations.

- Where are you looking, commoner?

- My King, forgive my eyes for wandering to thy Royal body, but I can’t help notice that thy body is simply covered by a robe.

- Commoner, I want you to use your hands; this way you can distract me from my royal preoccupations. I want a massage!...

- My sovereign and almighty King, Thou beseeched that I massage thy back, legs and feet and so I shall.

- Commoner, remove my robe.

- Your Highness, thy wish is my command, but I will only remove thy robe once thou are lying on thy chest with my eyes shut.

- My angelic commoner can stand the sight of my back and butt cheeks, but the rest of my body is like the sun which one must not look directly at as it may cause blindness! It may blind your good sense! I want to see where this story goes...




Date: Sunday, 28 November 1999   10:02pm,  Subject: “The King and the Commoner Part 4“

- My King, I have come to inform thou that two honorable people have come to visit: a minister and a Countess. They have scheduled a meeting with Your Highness.

- My Commoner, your transparency is so crystalline that I want to see you try and come up with a lie for these dignitaries. I am not interested in receiving them today. (Some time later…) So, what did you say to them, my commoner with no skill for deceit?

- Your Highness: I informed thy minister that thou had already reviewed the proposals presented by ministerial assembly and that thou had already come to a decision however that he should understand that thou art a pondered King and whilst thou dost not typically regret a decision hence it is made, that thou would liketh more time to reflect on the matter.

- And to the Countess?

- Sire, I informed the Countess that thou had shown deep regret in not being able to meet with her today as thou were occupied with urgent matters which could not be delayed yet that thou wishest that I inform her that thy heart would be broken for days on end if she should not forgive thou.

- Not bad for such a pure commoner. It seems that saints can also push you off the altar! The compliments you give me, can I believe them to be sincere?

- My Lord, I believe that thy affection for me is sincere.

- Commoner, come hither. Do you kiss well?

- My King...

- My provocative commoner, you may try to hop, hop, hop like the bunny you are to avoid my arrow, but it will do you no good.

- My King, would you prefer to see this bunny jumping for joy or would you prefer to tear it apart? I believe that thy heart is a generous one.

- The arrow to which I refer does not tear apart... on the contrary, it will only make you bounce more. I am generous in a variety of ways; I know that you sense this…

- My King, do you believe that we do not exist?

- Touch me and you will see that I exist.

- Sire, thou and I, we appeared from the imagination of a visionary that imagined us up.

- My commoner, if you kiss me, you surely will feel that we exist. 

- My King, we feel only in the imagination of this visionary... She imagines the heat of the blood running through my veins when thou toucheth me just as it runs through her veins if she were to be touched by a man whom she knows and projects in thou. Her imagination is inspired by him. She has known him since their souls have existed.

- That other man exists; he is real, yet reality has not permitted them to touch?? It’s a shame. We who do not exist can touch. Come near me. Feel me.





Cell phone (SMS),  Thursday  02 December 1999  


Night, bodies quiver, you and I…The exorcist Ninfa Flor (Flower Nymph)


Just had a shower. I’m going to dry my long hair…


Your devil, and mine, are swinging up in the trees. They are scheming...

Cell phone (SMS) Wednesday  08  December 1999  


You...expressive body and voice… Ninfa Flor (Flower Nymph)


You are very photogenic. I’m looking at your picture in a foreign magazine... kisses, Ninfa                                                                                         


If I were a mermaid and you were a sailor, would my song carry you through the depths of the ocean to me? What would we do then? Ninfa


Cell phone (SMS) Tuesday 21  December 1999 


Problems are like blue panthers with pink eyes. They don´t exist! Always keep your thoughts positive! Ok? kisses, Ninfa Flor (Flower Nymph)


Can I get a rope to tie you up with?


Cell phone (SMS) Wednesday 22  December 1999 


Tomorrow night I’m going to leave my nest and meet up with 6 kittens. Outing. Chinese restaurant. It’s gonna be the best!


I’m on vacation. I hope that all is well with you. Kisses…Ninfa                                                                



Cell phone (SMS) Thursday 23  December 1999 


I’m going to visit my uncle at the hospital. He got hit by a truck. It’s critical, but he will live. Are you doing well?


If I didn’t exist, would I be missed? How different would people’s lives be if they hadn’t met me? Ninfa


Cell phone (SMS) Friday 24  December 1999 


Hello! I have a lot of urges… for example, to scratch you and give you lots and lots and lots of kisses… I want a Christmas present! Ninfa Flor (Flower Nymph)



Date:   Friday,    31 December 1999   11:38am,  Subject: “I hope… ”

I hope that you like me enough to give me a quick death even if it be a cruel one. You haven’t replied. What you want is sex, right?

Let me imagine one last moment, before I say goodbye: I’m going to grab some scissors and start from the bottom up to the top. I start to cut your pants from the bottom up… I pass a dangerous place: your “thing”! You are more bothered by the cold metal than scared of it… But, since you’ve been a bad boy... you never know… maybe you should be scared J I smile, but I don’t feel like it.


"In pieces you break my heart, Antagonistic pieces, These pieces of the fantasy make me leave… The pieces that remain in my memory, In fantasy overjoy me… Is this madness? Are these sores? Is this living?  This is you in me. I like this swaying, The opposites in me… Yours and mine" (end)

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