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Poem-Songs Written On Cold Dawns From 1:00Am To 4:00Am


In the months of February, November and December of 2000, after having arrived home and having dinner, (I worked the late shift) I wrote some poems and mini-poems for song, better yet, key ideas for melodious lines of possible songs.

Many times I wrote these in front of the fireplace, other times sitting on my bed. I wrote them on paper, loose sheets – not in notepads for it seemed to me that they bind ideas. Ah… things… I can’t explain

On the weekend I would type my poems on the computer. I only felt inspired to write during those months because of the extreme cold. The cold depresses. It matched my state of mind then.

Some of the poems are presented here: simple poems of cold dawns. They are numbered, just as one numbers joys, sorrows, hopes, disappointments and also stupidities. There are one hundred and forty-eight. Others were excluded from this chapter but already presented in chapter 2.

They are divided in four collections: “SAINT” which begins with “poem 1”. I write in the masculine exclusively here. “MORGANA” which starts off at “poem 37”. “NÍRIA ONMAN” begins at “poem 89” and “IGNOTO DEO” (translated from the Latin: “Unknown God”) from “poem 129”.

The collections got their name from the pseudonym that I used to sign the authorship of these poems should they one day be made known.

My cats were always cuddled at my side. They found my fluorescent marker very amusing (my obsession, mundane colors like blue or black just don’t quite seem enough) as it travelled across the paper. They strike the marker to see how it will react or try to grasp it with their teeth: the pen gets stuck. Then, I free the marker and give them a slight tap on the head with it. They stop and observe me. Now, laying on my sheets of paper it becomes difficult to write… I pull up a small blanket to wrap them in and they become super cozy and warm. They get sleepy and I return to writing.

I chose to modify the original structure of presentation of the poems which are commonly written in column form and write them in text form, with verses separated by commas to reduce the number of pages otherwise this book would be over four hundred pages. As these are ideas for song, each poem has a sort of refrain most of the times.

A big hug and a Thank you for being Here with me.

A super Kiss,

Ninfa Artemis

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