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The prophecy: In late 1998 a psychic from São Paulo, Brazil told me that I would be famous one day. The adventures brought about my belief in this...

The introduction: I, Ninfa Artemis. Who am I?  I am Portuguese. I got caught up in the music industry, but I’ve got another job that supports me. I recently ran away from London. I’ve experienced things I want to share.

My life? Out of the ordinary and the more I try to return it to normalcy, the more abnormal it becomes…seeming almost indomitable and defiant. In my life the improbable has a good probability of occurring and the illogical has a better outcome than a plan which is meticulously thought out. This book will show that what I have just stated is true.

I made 55 songs. I wrote them, composed them and sang them: 13 in Portuguese, 13 in Spanish and 29 in English. I started recording the songs in a professional music studio although I was not proficient in any foreign language – my Spanish and English were basic. I never studied music. I had no musical experience. I didn’t play any instrument. I had never written songs before. I had never composed melodies before. I had never sung in my entire life (not even Karaoke, or for friends). I had never had any contact with anyone involved in the music industry. I entered this world with absolutely no experience and alone. I would also like to add that I entered this music studio at a point in my life when I was not supposed to begin any career, but a relatively well known singer whom I’d met beforehand let me down profoundly! I have always found music to be very special and so I took advantage of this feeling of disappointment, accompanied by anger, to change my life; to get involved in music!

The aforementioned “famous” singer laughed when I told him of my plan, but I was able to do it! About him...we’ve cut off all ties.

Throughout all my adventures, delusions and bitter disappointments, I had to find strength, courage and psychological resistance in myself.  I had paranormal experiences which helped keep me alert. I was and am determined to succeed even if everything around me collapses and becomes nightmarish. So, here I am talking about my life. 

Fifteen years of struggling since my first contact with the singer, fighting for a world made for me: a dream world where everything is beautiful.

I had some live performances in London, but then had to flee.

My former work colleague who was also a part time tarot card reader had given me a warning which I had forgotten: "Your situation may be serious but your reaction to it makes everything worse. Don’t let yourself be ruled by circumstances."

“What have you done?!!! Are you stupid?!” I yelled at myself! I was practically beating my head against the wall in despair! But I could not take what was happening to me anymore. I'd already undergone a hard life in the past which I was able to endure only because I was constantly focusing on the wonderful future that awaited me.

Nonetheless, that future had been shattered by others and then by me, or maybe all this needed to happen so that this book could exist.

Today, March 28th at 10 p.m. I run through the night rain without a jacket, wearing only a light sweater, pants and boots which allow the water to permeate and wet my feet…cheap boots!

The tears flow down my cheeks and fall in the rain and onto the tar road. The road is hard and is not moved by my tears. Am I sad? No! I’m going to write a book!

The rain falls harder. I continue to run. My clothes are soaked and my long hair is also. So what?! I don’t care.

In my hand I carry a shopping bag with ketchup I just bought at the supermarket. When I get home I’m going to make French fries and eat them with ketchup. My car is parked far away. I run to it. My destiny is also parked somewhere...waiting for me to get in! “My God, help me!”

The beer with cocoa powder: when I got home that’s what I made to try and cheer myself up because I was very apprehensive about my future – I grabbed a cold beer from the fridge and mixed in some cocoa powder!

I’m going to tell you my life story. I started this book on that evening, after getting home, making French fries, eating them with lots of ketchup and after having a cocoa beer. I had two 11 oz. bottles.

I dedicate this book to all of Us…

To all of us who Exist...

To all of YOU!

A Hug!

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